Clarinet Brands

Clarinet Brands

There are several clarinet brands that are leaders in the clarinet market. This page is here to give you a quick overview of some of the most popular and to help you decide what you want when you chose.

Buffet Crampon Clarinets

Buffet Crampon are a clarinet manufacturer who originated in France in 1825. The name Buffet Crampon came about when two families married together and the two names, Buffet and Crampon, were combined and became Buffet Crampon.

Buffet Crampon also make oboes, bassoons and saxophones as well as clarinets.

Buffet Crampon are well known for being the brand that professionals choose. A lot of students who go to conservatoires also choose Buffet Crampon as their top standard clarinets are considered the very best there is.

All Buffet Crampons have handmade elements and are all put together by hand, especially the top end ones.

Yamaha Clarinets

Yamaha are a Japanese company who make lots of different things, from motorbikes to clarinets! Yamaha also make saxophones, flutes, violins, there aren’t many instruments they don’t make! Yamaha are very good for beginner clarinets as they make plastic clarinets from ABS resin. ABS resin is basically a type of plastic which is hardwearing and incredibly suitable for clarinets as it cleans easily.

Beginner clarinettists usually start off on a plastic clarinet, mainly because of the price. Plastic clarinets are much cheaper than wooden clarinets. Beginner clarinettists also start off on very soft reeds as it is easier to get a sound out of them as you don’t have to blow as hard. The ABS resin clarinets have a matte finish and not the cheap shiny plastic finish that some clarinets sometimes have.

Yamaha also make wooden clarinets which makes them probably the most versatile seller of clarinets. Some people see them as a bit mainstream seeing as they make lots of other instruments but they are good quality.

Le Blanc Clarinets

Le Blanc are another French clarinet manufacturer and they started out in 1750. Originally they were started by a family called Noblet, they made clarinets for many years before the last member of the Noblet family died and the Le Blanc family took over the business.  Le Blanc have three clarinet ranges and one of them is twinned with a clarinet maker called Morrie Backun. One of Le Blanc’s main areas of focus is their acoustics, they like to try new things and give their traditional clarinets that contempory edge.

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